Analysis of the economic contribution and value of major aquaculture sub-sectors. and most important farmed aquatic species in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. For Seafish (U.K.) 2015-16

The potential of aquaponics to meet development objectives. A global review of the status and potential of aquaponics and its relevance to the New Zealand Aid programme in the Pacific. The research encompassed literature review; online survey; interviews with technical specialists, development specialists and aquaponics practitioners; financial modelling and analysis; and case studies. Download Report

Elaboration of an aquaculture development strategy for Cambodia. Subcontracted by Landell Mills under an EU funded project to work with the Royal Cambodia Government to develop a strategy for aquaculture development 2014-2030

Markets for Giant clam. (Agence France Developpement/Government of French Polynesia) Global study on aquarium and meat markets for giant clam (tridacna) and opportunities for export from French Polynesia.

Study for the development of mariculture in the Baie de Levrier, Mauritania (GIZ/Ministère des Pêches et de l’Economie Maritime ). Sub-contracted by COFAD to undertake strategic environmental assessment of opportunities for mariculture development

Mapping and understanding prawn supply chains in Thailand. (with Impactt Ltd for Tesco/Sainsbury's/Coop/M&S/Waitrose/Sobeys). Advice to leading retail chains on sustainable sourcing of farmed shrimp.

Mariculture opportunities in the Pacific (Secretariat of the Pacific Communities 2011). A review of opportunities for mariculture (marine farming) development in the Pacific Island States and Territories, including case studies in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Cook Islands , Fiji and the Marshall Islands. The study included economic and market considerations as well as consideration of livelihood and food security issues. Undertaken in association with Nautilus Consultants. Download

Farming seaweed in Papua New Guinea
Farming seaweed in Papua New Guinea

Seaweed Cultivation: technical, regulatory and commercial advice (Scottish Enterprise 2011). Scottish Enterprise is interested in exploring automated cultivation and harvesting of native seaweeds as a source of biomass for energy and high value chemicals. We are providing a comprehensive package of advice in support of R&D, feasibility studies, and commercial development strategy. In association with Nautilus Consultants.

Building capacity of the Vietnam seafood sector to respond to anti-dumping actions brought by US and EU seafood producers. ( For the Government of Vietnam, supported by Danida). We developed a training handbook and delivered three courses in different parts of Vietnam on the nature of antidumping legislation and procedures, and explored opportunities to make a more effective response to generate a fair outcome. . Download course handbook: Vietnamese ; English

Framework agreement for marine aquaculture casework. Hambrey Consulting leads a consortium (including the Scottish Association for Marine Science and Poseidon Consultants) which currently holds a framework agreement with Scottish Natural Heritage for the provision of advice on shellfish and finfish aquaculture applications; interpretation of marine video survey; review of CAR license applications; provision of expert witnesses; advice on wider aquaculture industry strategies and initiatives; and review of research reports. Current work under this agreement relates to the use and effects of chemicals used in marine aquaculture.

Sustainable salmon farming. ( For Sealord, in association with Danish Hydraulics Institute. Assessment of potential rates of sustainable production at two salmon farming sites in Tasmania, in support of "due diligence" procedures. Included review of a wide range of environmental and production risk factors, mass balance and dispersion modelling.

Risk analysis of shrimp and Pangasius farming in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam. ( For the Government of Vietnam, funded by Danida) C omprehensive analysis and ranking of production and environmental risks faced by small scale shrimp and Pangas catfish farmers in the Mekong Delta. Download

Global review of EIA and monitoring procedures for aquaculture (for Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 2008). Review and editing of a series of comprehensive regional reviews and case studies, preparation of a global synthesis report, facilitation of final expert workshop, preparation of workshop report, and assistance in finalisation of FAO project report. . Download from FAO

Impact of environmental legislation on the competitiveness of the Scottish Salmon Industry ( For the Scottish Government. With Poseidon 2008). Economic analysis and modelling to assess the practical effects of environmental legislation on the economic performance of salmon farming.

The relationship between scale and economic performance in Scottish salmon farming ( For the Scottish salmon Producers Organisation 2007/8). Development of a set of economic models and associated economic analysis of scale and performance issues in the Scottish salmon producing sector.

The impact of new legislation and environmental designations on aquaculture development and management in Scotland. Research funded by the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum 2007-8. Download

Strategy, guidelines and decision making for aquaculture development planning in Vietnam. ( For the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ). Project Manager/lead consultant of an 18month technical support programme to provide the Government of Vietnam with atraining and advice package related to aquaculture and coastal developmentplanning under the Danida Fisheries Sector Support Programme. Includedplanning, comparative advantage and market opportunity studies. Summary report . Full set of reports available on publications page

Building an ecosystem approach to aquaculture. Background global review of freshwater aquaculture and development of Guidance for implementing an Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture. For Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 2007.

Application of high level indicators of sustainability. Examination of data sources, development of protocols ,and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of each of three indicators (profit margin, employment as a proportion of local employment, and good ecological status)for assessing progress implementing the Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture. For the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department 2007.

Small scale aquaculture in Bangladesh
Small scale aquaculture in Bangladesh

Site optimisation for aquaculture operations. The objective of this research is to draw together existing information to define objective criteria for guiding the scale, location (and relocation) of aquaculture operations. The research is multidisciplinary, taking into account the environmental, economic, social and legal aspects of site optimisation. The research is designed to address some of the key issues identified in the Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture. Funded by the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum.

Practical guidance for the estimation and allocation of environmental capacity -Tropeca research project. A four year research and dissemination project funded under the UK Department for International Development Aquaculture and Fish Genetics Research Programme to explore the application of the idea of environmental capacity to improve environmental management of aquaculture in tropical developing countries. In addition to its direct impact in case study areas in Vietnam and Bangladesh, the project generated a substantial set of working papers and a comprehensive research report. See reports and papers for downloads.

Financial analysis and risk assessment of selected aquaculture and fisheries activities in the Mekong Basin. For the Mekong River Commission. An appraisal of the financial and economic performance, and social contribution, of more than twenty aquaculture and fisheries enterprises in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In additon to collecting information for routineperformance indicators such as profit margin, value added, employment etc, we also made a thorough analysis of variation in performance and associated financial and social risk. The work has been published as MRC technical Paper 5 and can be accessed at

Dipasena Citra Darmaja (DCD), Indonesia: Technical Review of Water Management and Pond Systems and an Overall Assessment of Potential for Sustained Production

Client: Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency. A thorough technical, economic and environmental review and assessment was undertaken of the operation of one of the largest shrimp farming complexes in the world with more than 18,000 ponds and a cultivatable area of 6,525ha located on the East coast of Southern Sumatra. The farm is based on the "nucleus estate" model, comprising a parent company and more than 9,000 partner farmers. We concluded that although there were some weaknesses in the existing water supply and effluent system, the main problems were poor management practices - in terms of seed size and quality; feed management; pond water management; and disease prevention and management. A comprehensive set of recommendations was developed to address these problems.

FAO Expert Workshop on Cage Aquaculture in Africa, 20-23rd October 2004. John Hambrey was asked to present an overview paper "Challenges for cage aquaculture in Africa" and a case study paper on "Small scale cage aquaculture and poverty alleviation" to this workshop, and was also contraced to facilitate the socio-economic working group through 2 days of deliberations on the future of cage aquaculture in Africa. Funded by the UK Department for International Development Aquaculture Research Programme.

Planning and management for sustainable coastal aquaculture development Client: Danish overseas aid (Danida) Vietnam Fisheries Sector Support Programme. Development of a training course and short guide for fishery scientists and planners in Vietnam.

Review of investment opportunities in tropical marine fin-fish aquaculture . Client: Stirling Aquaculture/International Finance Corporation. A broad review of the current status and potential of tropical marine fin-fish aquaculture was undertaken, with a view to identifying species, production systems and locations with significant investment potential. For each species a broad technical-economic appraisal of development potential was presented, based on information on production and market trends, input/output ratios and other production parameters, and site requirements.

Marine finfish aquaculture feasibility study, Maldives. Broad appraisal of the economic feasibility and technical development options for marine fin-fish aquaculture in the Maldives. For a private client.

Composite guidelines for the environmental assessment of coastal aquaculture. Development of comprehensive review and technical guidance document, supplemented with production of concise summary guidelines for practical use. For the Secretariat for Eastern African Coastal Area Management. Supported by SIDA. 2000

Sustainable aquaculture for poverty alleviation in Tra Vinh Province, Vietnam. Client: UNDP. The consultants were requested to advise the UNDP funded Tra Vinh (Mekong Delta, Vietnam) Poverty Alleviation Programme on aquaculture development issues. Particular emphasis was placed on identifying opportunities for aquaculture development which were both suited to poor people and environmentally sustainable. A comprehensive report identified several promising forms of aquaculture development which were likely to bring significant benefits to poor people in Tra Vinh Province, and recommendations were made relating to improved planning and management for the aquaculture sector as a whole, especially in relation to water distribution and disease management.

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