Sustainable Fisheries Development and Management

Integrating stock management considerations with market opportunities in the Scottish inshore fisheries sector. A pilot study for Seafish (EFF funding)to assess the potential economic and associated benefits of establishing minimum market landing size in excess of minimum legal landing size for velvet crab and Nephrops; and to evaluate if such intervention could be undertaken at a regional level. Hambrey Consulting is fielding a fishery economist, a stock assessment specialist, a marketing specialist and an inshore fisheries management specialist. Activities include literature/data review and synthesis; consultations with fishers and seafood processors and traders; market research; economic and bio-economic modelling.

Improving market intelligence and fishery production co-ordination in Scottish Inshore Fisheries. Hambrey consulting is providing fisheries economic expertise on a project being undertaken by Nautilus Consultants for Seafish (EFF funded) to evaluate the potential for landing an increased proportion of inshore fish catch through informing the markets of local landings availability and advising fishermen of wider market opportunities. Activities include: analysis of formal and informal data; stakeholder consultation; profiles of fishing opportunities; analysis of market demand; identification of information and communication needs; and strategies to facilitate development of new production and marketing opportunities

The future of sea fisheries in Dumfries and Galloway. Worked with Nautilus Consultants to deliver an analysis of the current status and economic contribution of sea fisheries in Dumfries and Galloway, and opportunities for the future.

Potential economic returns and improved management of sea cucumber fisheries in Melanesian countries. (Secretariat of the Pacific Communities 2012/13) . Sub-contracted by Nautilus Consultants to undertake management, economic and institutional analysis.

Project Inshore ( with Food Certification International for Shellfish Association of Great Britain/Seaweb 2012 ). Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) pre-assessment on all significant commercial inshore capture fisheries in England, identifying gaps in knowledge, information and management, and preparing the way for the formulation of management plans for each of the Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities. (sub-contracted to provide an MSC Principle 2 advisor and assessor).

Marine Stewardship Council assessment of a Barents Sea and Norwegian Sea Cod and Haddock Fishery. Provided a Principle 2 (environment) specialist to Food Certification International to participate in the assessment of a fishery prosecuted by the Russian Union of Fishermen of the North.

Evaluation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO 2011/12) Evaluation of the work conducted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization since 2004 with respect to the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, including assessment of policy development, field programme, contribution to and participation in international processes, with special attention to capacity development. More information

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. Facilitation and reporting of a series of stakeholder meetings to inform the Scottish Government's response to the European Commission's green paper on reform of the CFP. For Marine Scotland, with Poseidon Consultants Download workshop reports

Action Plan for the Fisheries of the Moray Firth. Facilitation ofthe further development of the Fisheries Action Plan, developed by the Moray Firth Fisheries Action group. This included advising on the scope of the plan, relationship with the srategic review of inshore fisheries, and identifying funding mechanisms. For the Moray Firth Partnership 2006.

Fisheries futures: performance of the fisheries and aquaculture sector in Bangladesh. For UK Department for International Development, USAID, Danida, World Bank. Contracted to contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the social, economic and environmental performance of fisheries and aquaculture sector in Bangladesh. A substantial economic model was developed of the whole sector, based on financial models of the main enterprise types and knowledge of industry total output and structure. Key performance indicators such as production cost, value added and employment were generated for a range of enterprise types, sub-sectors and the sector as a whole. The models were then manipulated to generate possible future scenarios. We also contributed to an assessment of environmental issues associated wit the sector. "2">

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