Biodiversity, Landscape and Communities

Options and opportunities for the establishment of a Biosphere Reserve in Northern Ireland. A preliminary assessment of the opportunities and options for a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Binevenagh area of Northern Ireland. For the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust.

The management of roadside verges for biodiversity (Scottish Natural Heritage 2011). An investigation of how roadside verges can contribute to Scotland's National Ecological Network, and how practical and cost effective road verge management can be geared to optimise biodiversity value of road verges as refuges and corridors for wildlife. Download

Development of co-ordinated in situ and ex situ UK Farm Animal Genetic Resources conservation strategy and implementation guidance. Contributing to the management, economic and communication dimensions of this project. With Livestock Diversity Ltd., for DEFRA

A Living Landscape. (Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts 2010) An exploration of the rationale and evidence base for a "living landscape" approach to environmental management. Download.

10 Year Periodic Review of UK Biosphere Reserves. The consultant team was asked to assess the current status and activities of 5 Biosphere Reserves in the UK, and the degree to which there is the desire and potential to expand, redevelop and re-designate them to meet the new UN Biosphere criteria; or whether they should be de-listed.

A framework for measuring sustainable deer management . Analysis of the structure and relationships of deer management systems in Scotland, the social, economic and environmental effects of deer management (including public goods and negative externalities) and the development of a framework for assessing and promoting more sustainable deer management in Scotland. For the Deer Commission for Scotland Download

Wild Scotland Best Practice Guidelines (Wild Scotland) Review and finalisation of best practice guidelines for wildlife watching through in depth consultation with Wild Scotland members.

Natural heritage trends: piloting a natural capital asset index. The overall aim of this work was to establish Scotland's current position with regard to recent trends in natural capital assets, and more specifically to evaluate and develop an index of Scotland's natural capital assts to be piloted as an additional indicator, and to allow comparison with annual changes in GDP. For Scottish Natural Heritage . Download

Single Outcome Agreement Indicator Development. We undertook a review and evaluation of more than seventy indicators which might be used to ensure Natural Heritage values are accounted for in Scottish Government-Community Planning Partnership agreements. We also made recommendations for the possible development of compound indices, and the most effective strategy for engagement in the Single Outcome Agreement process. For Scottish Natural Heritage, 2009 . Download

The potential added value of Biosphere Reserves to achieve UK social, economic and environmental goals. Review of literature and set of case studies to illustrate actual and potential benefits from Biosphere Reserves with a particular focus on the UK. For DEFRA, UK Government. 2008. Download

Review of Biodiversity Delivery Structures in Scotland. Review through extensive consultation with key stakeholders of the institutions and procdures for the delivery of the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy and the UK Biodiversity Action Plan in Scotland. For Scottish Natural Heritage. 2008 Download

Engaging people and communities in biodiversity conservation. A set of inspirational stories about how individuals and organisations throughout Scotland are getting people closer to nature . For Scottish Natural Heritage 2007 . More information and resources.

A review of relevant experience of coastal and marine national parks. A global review for Scottish Natural Heritage preparing the way for the establishment of Scotland’s first Coastal and Marine National Park. The project examined 13 case studies from Europe, N America and Australia - exploring the history behind their designation and management, the nature of their objectives, and the factors which contributed to success. Download

Scoping study: taking forward environmental capacity and ecosystem services: recommendations for CCW . These terms or ideas lie at the heart of sustainable development,and are referred to in many high level policy statements. Many environmental,conservation and development agencies have responsibility to try to sustain ecosystem services and ensure that activities take place within the capacity of the environment. Thisreview and mentoring project explored the practical meaning of these terms for the policies and activities of the Countryside Council for Wales. Download

Review of the National Parks and Protected Areas System for the Turks and Caicos Islands.

These small Caribbean Islands at the southern end of the Bahamas chain are under intense development pressure from hotels, condominiums and holiday residences. A complete review was undertaken of ecological and economic rationale, types of designation, sites, boundaries and management. The work involved consultation with the full range of stakeholders and technical specialists, habitat mapping, and carefully focused ecological and economic field work. With Nautilus Consultants for the Government of Turks and Caicos .

Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code. Stakeholder consultation and drafting of a code and guidance for watching coastal and marine wildlife in Scotland.For Scottish Natural Heritage. See

Scottish Biodiversity Strategy

For the Scottish Executive (SEERAD). Following on from a thorough analysis and synthesis of previous work, especially that undertaken by the Scottish Biodiversity Forum, we drafted the final strategy document for the Scottish Executive, entitled Scotland’s Biodiversity - its in your hands launched and published by the Scottish Executive May 2004. A copy of the strategy and associated draft implementation plans can be accessed here.

In two related pieces of work, we facilitated and coordinated the final phase of the production of a set of draft sectoral implementation plans, and made a preliminary assessment of the capacity and role of the local biodiversity action planning network.
In delivering the strategy and implementation plans. We led this work, undertaken in collaboration with Nautilus Consultants and Bluethistle Media . Download

Galloway Biosphere Reserve. In association with Landwise Scotland, for Scottish Natural Heritage. This small study examines the potential and opportunity to develop the Galloway Biosphere reserve into Scotlands first "new style" UNESCO biosphere reserve, where "conservation and sustainable development go hand in hand". To qualify, the site must meet the revised UNESCO "Seville" criteria which require zoning into core, buffer and transition areas. The study makes a rapid appraisal of the possible zones and their potential contribution to the reserve, as well as the potential impacts on the rural economy of Galloway. The study includes extensive consultation and local workshops to explore these isues with local people and other stakeholders.

Production of training slides for plant species and habitat identification
Production of 200 colour slides and associated commentary to illustrate training courses and interpretative materials on habitat management for nature conservation. The slides illustrated the relationships between land-use practice and flora, with particular emphasis on management for the conservation of rare or beautiful plant species, or to maximise biodiversity. For Scottish Natural Heritage .

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