Biodiversity Conservation and Management Strategy

Biodiversity conservation is a key underpinning of sustainable development and a measure of its success. It should be central to any strategy for sustainable natural resource use. Several of our consultants have practical experience of biodiversity conservation and interpretation. Crucially however, we also have strong commercial and management credentials and skills, and a thorough understanding of the socioeconomic drivers that determine land and water use. These drivers must be understood - and manipulated where necessary - if change for the better is to be achieved.

Finfish and coral wreck
Finfish and coral wreck
Biodiversity will not be conserved if it is not valued by those who affect it or have the power to affect it. We need to understand the differing values of biodiversity to different stakeholder groups, and explore these values with them if we are to design effective policies, strategies and mechanisms to deliver biodiversity conservation. The crucial role of people in biodiversity conservation is highlighted in the Scottish Biodiversity Strategy - Its in Your Hands , the final development and writing of which was led by John Hambrey in association with Nautilus Consultants and Bluethistle Communications.

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