Dr John Hambrey

John has a first degree from Cambridge University in Natural Sciences (applied biology) and a Ph.D from the University of Stirling in Natural Resource Economics. He has more than 30 years world-wide professional experience in policy, planning and management of natural resources, drawing on both socio-economic and environmental perspectives, and working in both developed and developing countries. He is an experienced project manager, lecturer, trainer, facilitator and writer.

Project and consultancy experience has included: aquaculture and fisheries development and management; business and institutional analysis and development; project appraisal, review and evaluation; sector and enterprise performance review; decision analysis; policy review; feasibility studies and financial-economic appraisal; coastal zone planning and management; social impact studies; environmental assessment; environmental economic analysis; sustainability assessment; codes of conduct and practice.

Technical emphasis has encompassed fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, rural development and biodiversity. Work has been undertaken in Europe, Asia, the Pacific, and Africa for a wide variety of national and international agencies, development banks, and non-governmental organisations.

John chaired the UN GESAMP (Group of experts on scientific aspects of marine environmental management) Working group 31 on Aquaculture and Environment from 1997-2002.

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