Standards, protocols, codes of conduct, and social and environmental audit

Mapping and understanding shrimp supply chains in Thailand. Advice to leading retail chains on sustainable sourcing of farmed shrimp. Included critical review of existing government and NGO sponsored sustainable/responsible production standards and recommendations on how to ensure sustainable sourcing(with Impactt Ltd for Tesco/Sainsbury's/Coop/M&S/Waitrose/Sobeys)

Natural heritage trends: piloting a natural capital asset index. The overall aim of this work is to establish Scotland's current position with regard to recent trends in natural capital assets, and more specifically to evaluate and develop an index of Scotland's natural capital assts to be piloted as an additional indicator, and to allow comparison with annual changes in GDP . For Scottish Natural Heritage

Single Outcome Agreement Indicator Development. We undertook a review and evaluation of more than seventy indicators which might be used to ensure Natural Heritage values are accounted for in Scottish Government-Community Planning Partnership agreements. We also made recommendations for the possible development of compound indices, and the most effective strategy for engagement in the Single Outcome Agreement process. For Scottish Natural Heritage, 2009 .

Application of high level indicators of sustainability. Examination of data sources, development of protocols ,and evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of each of three indicators (profit margin, employment as a proportion of local employment, and good ecological status) for assessing progress implementing the Strategic Framework for Scottish Aquaculture. For the Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department 2007.

Wild Scotland best practice guidelines consultation. Wild scotland represents most wildlife tourism enterprises in scotland. Following on from the development of the Scottish Marine Wildlidfe Watching Code, the Scottish Access Code, and related initiatives, Wild Scotland began to prepare guidance for its members. Hambrey Consulting was asked to consult members and facilitate final development and drafting of Wild Scotland's Best practice guidelines.

Development of the Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code. For Scottish Natural Heritage. We are currently developing the text of the Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code through a series of consultations and user workshops throughout Scotland. We will aslo be advising on the best way to communicate and promote the code with both wildlife operators and their clients. This work follows directly from a duty placed on SNH to prepare such a code in the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004.

Investment mechanisms to promote socially and environmentally responsible shrimp culture. With Nautilus Consultants for the UK Department of International Development. With IIED .This was ashort intensive research project aimed at identifying points of leverage for social and environmental responsibility in the market chain for shrimp, and possible partnerships and investment mechanisms to deliver more socially and environmentally responsible shrimp culture globally.

SEAfeeds Project. With Nautilus Consultants . John led and facilitated an"accompanying measure" under the European Commission 5th Framework Research Programme. The project was focused around an expert workshop, exploring the relationships between modern aquaculture and industrial fisheries, and identifying approaches to increasing the overall sustainability of aquaculture feeds.

Good management practices for shrimp farming - preparation of working papers for an expert consultation in Brisbane, Australia, December 2000
For the World Bank.
Contracted to prepare two working papers for an expert consultation organised by a consortium of the World Bank, FAO, the World Wide Fund for Nature, the Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia, and the Government of Australia. The first paper built on previously commissioned case studies to develop a set of globally applicable operating principles for sustainable shrimp farming. The second presented draft guidelines for the development and implementation of locally appropriate good management practices based on these operating principles. These papers are now being updated in the light of the consultation to provide an internationally agreed framework for the promotion of sustainable shrimp farming.

Working group on code of conduct for shrimp farming and mangrove conservation
Member of an expert panel set up by Global Aquaculture Alliance to develop standards and protocols relating to aquaculture and mangrove management.

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