Environmental Economics

An assessment of the options available for dealing with the alien invasive carpet seasquirt, Didemnum vexillum (Scottish Government 2011). A stakeholder consultation and cost benefit analysis to inform the decision on the course of action to be taken in response to the recent arrival in Scottish waters of the invasive alien Didemnum vexillum. Undertaken in association with Scottish Association for Marine Science.

A framework for measuring sustainable deer management. Analysis of the structure and relationships of deer management systems in Scotland, the social, economic and environmental effects of deer management (including public goods and negative externalities) and the development of a framework for assessing and promoting more sustainable deer management in Scotland. For the Deer Commission for Scotland

The potential added value of Biosphere Reserves to achieve UK social, economic and environmental goals. Review of literature and set of case studies to illustrate actual and potential benefits from Biosphere Reserves with a particular focus on the UK. For DEFRA, UK Government. 2008

Social, economic and environmental benefits of World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves, and Geoparks . Literature review, development of an assessment framework, and examination of case studies from throughout the world. For Scottish Natural Heritage 2007.

Scoping Study: framework for measuring social, economic and environmental impacts of Scottish natural Heritage activity and land designations. This study developed a simple framework and associated set of indicators for illustrating and assessing the impacts of selected SNH activities and designations. The work included a rigorous workshop with relevant SNH staff and preliminary testing of the framework through extensive consultation and appraisal of supporting data and information. The framework will be thoroughly field tesed in a follow-on contract. In asscociation with Nautilus Consultants for Scottish Natural Heritage.

Environmental Economics in the Coastal Zone: Sibolga Bay, North Sumatra
The consultant was requested to make a broad economic and environmental assessment of alternative activities in the coastal zone with a view to promoting enhanced natural resource and environmental management. The analysis included a comprehensive appraisal of the structure and trends of the economy of the project area, and identification of resource and environmental linkages between sectors. The report discussed possible approaches to the adjustment of costs and revenues from different activities to take account of environmental effects. Finally, environmental-economic profiles of different sectors and activities were derived. For ODA North East Sumatra Prawn Project (1995).

This work followed on from and complemented a study on the comparative economics of alternative activities in the coastal zone of N Sumatra , which examined in detail the costs and benefits of shrimp farming and alternative activities, including sustained management of mangrove forest, agriculture and fisheries. For ODA North East Sumatra Prawn Project (1995).

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