Economic and Ecosystem Modelling

Sustainable salmon farming. Assessment of potential rates of sustainable production at two salmon farming sites in Tasmania, in support of "due diligence" procedures. Included review of a wide range of environmental and production risk factors, mass balance and dispersion modelling. For a private client (multinational seafood business) 2009, in association with Danish Hydraulics Institute

Preliminary modelling of environmental carrying capacity for cage aquaculture in Hon Mun Marine protected Area, Vietnam. For Danida 2006 .

Tropeca: Practical guidance for the estimation and allocation of environmental capacity for aquaculture in tropical developing countries
We are leading a 3 year research programme under the UK Department for International Development Aquaculture and Fish Genetics Research Programme, exploring nutrient budgets and dynamics, and environmental capacity in aquaculture and rice producing areas. The project will assess the utility of different approaches, and develop local capacity to manage the wider and cumulative environmental effects of aquaculture. With Nautilus Consultants, University of Stirling, University of Fisheries Vietnam; Research Institute for Aquaculture Vietnam; University of Agriculture and Forestry Vietnam; University of Khulna and Dhaka, Bangladesh

Comparative Economics of Different Land-use Options in the Scottish Uplands
The consultants examined the major land use activities in the Scottish Uplands, including tourism, sheep farming, forestry, deer stalking and grouse shooting. Financial/economic models were developed for each activity and combined in an overall farm or estate model. A variety of social and economic indicators related to each activity was then derived and compared. The model was further developed to be used by none specialists as the basis for rational discussion of land use and policy options relating to the Scottish Uplands. With Nautilus Consultants for Scottish Natural Heritage.

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