Economic and Ecosystem Analysis and Modelling

Despite the common perception that economists and ecologists are very different creatures, the problems they address are essentially similar: how to understand and where possible simplify highly complex systems, and how to make predictions about the effects that different actions will have on these systems. Conceptual and mathematical modelling are vital tools for both, and modern computer power and specialist software can now be applied to a wide range of issues. For these to be applied well requires both a sound understanding of the issues, and a thorough grasp of the procedures and algorithms used in the modelling. We offer both.

carbon deposition modelling
carbon deposition modelling

In addition to the more comprehensive modelling exercises we also undertake routine spreadsheet analysis and modelling in many of our studies.

Our consultants have developed models of land use economics of Scottish Highland estates, the social and economic impact of the British Trout industry, the economy of a coastal province in North Sumatra, and many less ambitious models relating to specific enterprises. Our consultants have also been actively engaged in modelling nutrient balance and transport/dispersion in soils and water in both temperate and tropical countries.

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