Our Consultants and Advisors

Hambrey Consulting is structured as a network of associate consultants and advisors, based in the UK and countries throughout the world. These consultants are either scientists with a well-established research track record, or professional consultants with substantial real world project or management experience. We also maintain strong links with other consulting organisations and individuals and collaborate with them as required to ensure that we deliver what you want. The following are the core associate consultants and advisors based in the UK

Dr John Hambrey: Natural resource economics; aquaculture and fisheries management; sustainable development policy and strategy; decision analysis and facilitation; biodiversity and nature conservation strategy; aquaculture and environment

Sue Evans: Agricultural and land use economics; regional and local economic impact studies; survey; interviews; workshop facilitation and training

Tristan Southall: Marine industry analyst; fisheries and aquaculture; marine recreation; coastal zone planning and management; social and environmental impact assessment

Dr Jon Arah: Ecosystem modelling; transport-reaction and pollutant/nutrient dispersal models; statistics; survey/experimental design

Margaret Kellas: Change management; institutional development; human resource development; workshop design and facilitation

We work regularly with other specialists, including Andrew Moxey (economist); Steve Westbrook (economist); Richard Robinson (Rural Development) as well as organisations such as Nautilus Consultants, Poseidon Consultants, the Scottish Association for Marine Science, the University of Stirling Institute of Aquaculture, the Asian Institute of Technology, and the University of Nha Trang, Vietnam.

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