Project preparation, review and evaluation

Cambodia Programme for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth in the Fisheries Sector : preparation and formulation: Hambrey Consulting provided a fisheries consultant/economist to lead the development of an action plan and design for a major $100m EU/EDF support programme.

Terminal Evaluation of the Environmentally Sustainable Food Security Programme (ESFSP) in Myanmar Hambrey consulting provided a fisheries specialist and co-team leader to evaluate project impacts and derive lessons learned from this post-typhoon Nargis rehabilitation and development programme funded primarily by FAO and the Italian Government

Terminal Evaluation of the Sustainable Management of the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem Project Hambrey consulting provided a fisheries/environment specialist as part of a two man team to evaluate the impact and derive lessons learned from a $31m project funded by GEF other aid facilities and member states.

Developing an evaluation framework for the European Common Fisheries Policy. In association with Nautilus Consultants, provided specialist technical expertise to ICF International in support of a DEFRA funded project to develop a comprehensive evaluation framework so that the implementation and effects of the recent CFP reforms can be evaluated.

CGIAR Research Program on Livestock and Fish: Commissioned External Evaluation. Evaluation of the efficacy of the "value chain approach" used in an international research programme aimed at increasing the productivity of small-scale livestock and fish systems in sustainable ways, making meat, milk and fish more available and affordable across the developing world. Specific responsibility for evaluation of the aquaculture component of the programme with a focus on sites in Egypt and Bangladesh.

Evaluation of FAO activities supporting implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (FAO 2011/12) Evaluation of the work conducted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization since 2004 related to the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, including assessment of policy development, field programme, contribution to and participation in international processes, with special attention to capacity development.

Mid term review of NORAD project: Capacity Building of the University of Fisheries, Nha Trang, Vietnam (Norwegian overseas aid (NORAD) and the Government of Vietnam, 2010). International team leader to review a long term project to strengthen teaching, training and research in fisheries and aquaculture.

Strategic priorities for the Moray Firth Partnership - project identification and development. Analysis of role and strengths of the partnership, needs of the Moray Firth in terms of sustainable development and natural resource management, and identification and development of project proposals.

Mid term review - improving training and research at the University of Fisheries, Vietnam. 2006. For Norwegian overseas aid (NORAD). Part of a four man team to review all aspects of a major long term capacity building project with a rapidly growing and dynamic University in Vietnam. The consultant had specific responsibility for reviewing work with the aquaculture department and with University management.

Center commissioned external review - WorldfishCenter Greater Mekong Regional programme. 2006. Worked as part of a team of three to undertake in-depth evaluation of research needs in the fishery sector in the Mekong Region and the potential role of the Worldfish Center, taking full account of existing projects and other regional and international organisations.

Mid-term and final reviews of CARE CAGES project in Bangladesh. For UK Department for International Development. 1998/2000. Commissioned undertake both mid-term and final review of a long running research/development project to alleviate poverty through the introduction ofsmall scale cage culture to poor people in Bangladesh.

Ha Tinh Poverty Alleviation Programme, Vietnam- environmental review. For UK Department of International Development. 1997. Review and evaluation of a major programme to alleviate povery through a series of measures, including sea dyke infrastructure development, credit programmes and comminity development initiatives. The consultants examined in particular the possible effects of dyke building and restoration and made recommendations to mitigate and monitor environmental effects.

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