Selected reports and papers

The potential of aquaponics to meet development objectives.

Download Report

Mariculture opportunities in the Pacific

(Secretariat of the Pacific Communities 2011). Download Report

SARF 046 Socioeconomic assessment of new and amended legislation for the cultivation of fish and shellfish species of current commercial importance.

Final report; Workshop presentations: historic constraints download; planning and management futures download

The potential for UNESCO Biosphere Reserves to achieve UK social, economic and environmental goals

A global review of the implementation, performance and potentialof UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in terms of social, economic and environmental benefits.

Download : Executive Summary ; Full report ; Case studies

FAO initiative on the Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture

Published proceedings download

Marine Wildlife Watching Code

Developed by Hambrey Consulting through a participatory process in 2006. The final version of the code can be found on the marine code website ( here) along with the supporting guidance on how to watch marine wildlife

Site optimisation for aquaculture in Scotland

Working papers and final report arising from research undertaken for the Scottish Aquaculture Research Forum.

Working Paper 1: Environmental considerations ( download )

Working paper 2: Regulation and socio-economic considerations ( download)

Final report and synthesis ( download)

A framework for measuring social, economic and environmental impacts of for Scottish Natural Heritage activity and land designations (download)

This framework, though developed specifically for Scottish Natural Heritage, is widely adaptable and applicable as a format for "sustainability assessment" and strategic or individual environmental assessment.

SEAfeeds workshop on sustainable aquaculture feeds (download)

Report of a workshop funded under the EC 6th Framework to bring together the aquaculture industry, feed manufacturers, fishery managers and environmental interests to achieve a consensus view on the sustainability ofcurrent feeds and feeding practices in aquaculture, and to map out feed development strategiesto improve the sustainability of the industry .

Fisheries, aquaculture and sustainability: cutting through the jargon (download)

This paper, delivered as a keynote presentation to the 2003 British Trout Association Annual Conference briefly considers:

Strategy, guidelines and decision making for sustainable aquaculture development in Vietnam.

An analysis of comparative advantage, market issues and planning processes for the Vietnamese aquaculture industry and the national plan.

Summary report for the Vietnamese Government and Danish Overseas Aid. download

Detailed project reports:

Financial Analysis and risk assessment of selected aquaculture and fishery activities in the Mekong Basin (download)

A thorough analysis and overview of financial and risk characteristics of a range of fisheries and fish farm enterprises in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. Published as MRC Technical Paper No. 5 and downloadable from MRC website

Comparative Economics of Land Use Options in The Mangrove of North Sumatra, Indonesia (download)

This article is based on work undertaken with Nautilus Consultants for the British Overseas Development Administration funded North East Sumatra Prawn Project (NESPP) in 1993

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