Sustainable Natural Resource Development and Management

Sustainable livestock feeds-global assessment of supply and demand. Specialist advice on sourcing of feeds for the global aquaculture industry to 3-keel for WWF.

Options and opportunities for the establishment of a Biosphere Reserve in Northern Ireland. A preliminary assessment of the opportunities and options for a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Binevenagh area of Northern Ireland. For the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust.

Land and Marine Strategy for Grenada. We provided the marine key expert in the development of a land and marine strategy for the Government of Grenada, funded by the European Development fund. Undertaken in association with local partners Jeco Caribbean.

Natural heritage trends: piloting a natural capital asset index. The overall aim of this work was to establish Scotland's current position with regard to recent trends in natural capital assets, and more specifically to evaluate and develop an index of Scotland's natural capital assts to be piloted as an additional indicator, and to allow comparison with annual changes in GDP. For Scottish Natural Heritage

A framework for measuring sustainable deer management. Analysis of the structure and relationships of deer management systems in Scotland, the social, economic and environmental effects of deer management (including public goods and negative externalities) and the development of a framework for assessing and promoting more sustainable deer management in Scotland. For the Deer Commission for Scotland

The future of aquaculture in the Mekong Region. A review of the development trends and likely future charactristics of aquaculture and associated aquatic resources management in the Mekong System. Part of a wider "foresight" study for the UK Department of Business, Innovation and Skills

Ten Year Periodic Review of Biosphere Reserves in the UK. A review of the current status and potential of existing/lapsed biosphere reserves in the UK, their potential in terms of social, economic and environmental benefit, and their eligibility to meet the new UNESCO BR criteria. For UK Man and Biosphere Programme/DEFRA 2008 Further information and reports

The potential added value of Biosphere Reserves to achieve UK social, economic and environmental goals. Review of literature and set of case studies to illustrate actual and potential benefits from Biosphere Reserves with a particular focus on the UK. For DEFRA, UK Government. 2007/8

Social, economic and environmental benefits of World Heritage Sites, Biosphere Reserves, and Geoparks . Literature review, development of an assessment framework, and examination of case studies from throughout the world. For Scottish Natural Heritage 2007.

Scotland Sustainable Marine Environment Initiative
The development of a series of 4 pilot projects in sustainable marine environmental management. The pilots test and demonstrate alternative approaches to marine environmental management: the introduction of a form of marine spatial planning in Shetland; stakeholder-regulator partnership in the Clyde and in the Sound of Mull; and community based management at St Abbs Head. The work was undertaken in association with Posfords (Royal Haskoning) and Nautilus Consultants for the Scottish Executive. We were mainly involved in the development of the Shetland and Clyde pilots.

Strategy, guidelines and decision making for aquaculture development planning in Vietnam, for the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
This is a large and complex project with 5 main components: support for the development of an aquaculture management plan within the Hon Mun Marine Protected Area; training of trainers in multi-criteria decision analysis; support for the drafting of technical guidelines for provincial sustainable aquaculture development planning; analysis of comparative advantage of alternative aquaculture species/systems in Vietnam; appraisal of world and domestic markets for actual and potential Vietnamese aquaculture products and national capacity building to undertake such analyses (sub-contracted to Nautilus Consultants). The project will run to mid 2005.

Scoping Study: framework for measuring social, economic and environmental impacts of Scottish natural Heritage activity and land designations. In asscociation with Nautilus Consultants for Scottish Natural Heritage. This study developed a simple framework and associated set of indicators for illustrating and assessing the impacts of selected SNH activities and designations. The work included a rigorous workshop with relevant SNH staff and preliminary testing of the framework through extensive consultation and appraisal of supporting data and information. The framework will be thoroughly field tesed in a follow-on contract.

Case Studies in small scale aquaculture and trade. Under the DFID Aquaculture and Fish Genetics Research Programme. With research partners in Thailand, Vietnam and Bangladesh, we are studying the dynamics of aquaculture development and its implications for poverty reduction, with partiular emphasis on trade and marketing. We are also studying in more detail issues of international trade and marketing of freshwater prawn ( Macrobrachium ) with emphasis on opportunities for poor producers in Bangladesh.

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