Sustainable Development Policy, Planning and Strategy

Government and large corporations place increasing emphasis on policy, strategies and mechanisms to deliver sustainable development . These range from sectoral stategies (such as the Scottish Aquaculture Strategy and Scottish Biodiversity Strategy) to more

broadly based Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plans and Integrated Watershed Management Plans. Some large corporations have begun to develop their own sustainability strategies - for example in relation to sourcing of sustainable supplies. At a more local level there are initiatives to establish local management groups to promote sustainable rural development and coastal and marine management, including inshore fisheries management.

The analysis required to assess alternatives against sustainability criteria, and to design and agree strategy, protocols and mechanisms to promote increased sustainability can be complex, and requires a very broad understanding of environmental processes and values on the one hand, and commercial, institutional and practical realities on the other.

Charcoal making
Charcoal making
With our mix of economic, management and ecological expertise, theoretical knowledge and practical experience, we are uniquely placed to provide a comprehensive service to analyse background information, identify key issues and opportunities, and to facilitate the development and effective presentation of strategies for sustainable development - for government, business, or NGOs.

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