Capacity building, training and mentoring

Consultant’s reports have a habit of gathering dust. They are frequently one-off snap shot analysis of a situation and can date rapidly. In many cases it is better to strengthen existing staff resources and institutional capacity rather than undertake a "quick and dirty" study.

We offer training for junior and mid-level staff in a wide range of disciplines related to the promotion of sustainable development. These can be tailor made according to need. Courses offered in the past have included:

We can develop new training modules and courses across the full range of disciplines associated with our services. We are particularly interested in working with clients to develop new training workshops on:

We also offer mentoring for middle management and senior staff. Those engaged in difficult management and policy decisions related to sustainable development are encouraged to explore their problems, ideas and options with an experienced outsider; request short "think pieces" where appropriate; and develop discussions with a wider group as necessary.

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