Tropeca research outputs

Tropeca : Practical guidance for the estimation and allocation of environmental capacity for aquaculture in tropical developing countries

A 3 year research project funded under the Department for International Development Aquaculture and Fish Genetics Research Programme. Project R 8084

Aims and outputs

This collaborative research project was designed to explore the possible value and application of the concept of environmental capacity at grass roots level in tropical developing countries, both in relation to aquaculture where there are already signs of environmental degradation, and as a preventive tool in less developed areas where significant future development and/or intensification is possible or likely. It was designed to compare this strategic and predictive approach with frameworks based on more traditional monitoring and adaptive management techniques.

The project was also designed to explore more generally mechanisms for engaging groups of farmers in co-operative environmental management – in other words raising awareness of both their responsibility for the wider environment, and the benefits that might arise from improved management, and facilitating the development of farmer based institutions and mechanisms to address these and related issues.

Collaborating Institutions
University of Fisheries, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam; University of Agriculture and Forestry, Vietnam; Research Institute for Aquaculture No. 1 (Vietnam); University of Khulna Bangladesh; University of Dhaka, Bangladesh; Nautilus Consultants, UK; Hambrey Consulting, UK. Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling UK

Summary- Final project report
Complete final project report

Guide- Aquaculture development within the capacity of the environment - a short guide for developing user-led environmental management systems. Note this is currently under development and is draft only. Comments appreciated before finalisation.

Case study : lobster cage culture in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
Case study: shrimp and shrip-rice culture in South West Bangladesh (caution - large file!)
Case study: shrimp culture in Can Gio, Vietnam
Case study: shrimp culture in Dosun, Vietnam
Case study: multiple-use pond, Putia Village, Bangladesh

Working paper 1 : Environmental capacity modelling in aquaculture development
Working paper 2: Environmental indicators for sustainable aquaculture development
Working paper 3: Environmental capacity in the management of aquaculture and its application in tropical developing countries
Working paper 4: Status of aquaculture and environmental management issuesin Vietnam
Working paper 5: Nutrient cycling in flooded production systems

Leaflets, posters and guidance materials

Poster presentation of Tropeca approach and results from SW Bangladesh

more coming soon

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