Workshop Design and Facilitation

Most of our projects involve stakeholder consultation through formal and informal interviews, meetings and workshops. Some go beyond consultation to planning and decision making. We believe that well informed, managed and facilitated meetings and workshops are the key to delivering sustainable development.

Species translocation for conservation purposes. Contracted by Scottish Natural Heritage in association with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, to provide independent facilitation services for a stakeholder workshop to review and help further develop a code of conduct for the translocation of organisms (plant and animal) for nature conservation objectives.

Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy. Facilitation and reporting of a series of stakeholder meetings to inform the Scottish Government's response to theEuropean Commission's green paper on reform of the CFP. For Marine scotland, with Poseidon Consultants

Environmental assessment in aquaculture: in 2009-10 we facilitated a technical workshop for FAO in Rome to develop international guidance on environmental assessment for aquaculture.

Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code: in 2005 we organised and facilitated a series of meetings and workshops to ensure that the new marine wildife watching code for Scotland is both well informed and widely supported. These ranged from informal public meetings to structured workshops designed to generate agreed outputs. More details can be found on the web site

FAO Expert Workshop on Cage Aquaculture in Africa. 20-23rd October 2004. John Hambrey was asked to present an overview paper "Challenges for cage aquaculture in Africa" and a case study paper on "Small scale cage aquaculture and poverty alleviation" to this workshop, and was also contracted to facilitate the socio-economic working group through 2 days of deliberations on the future of cage aquaculture in Africa. Funded by the UK Department for International Development Aquaculture Research Programme.

Action Plan for the Fisheries of the Moray Firth. Facilitation of the further development of the Fisheries Action Plan, developed by the Moray Firth Fisheries Action group. This included advising on the scope of the plan, relationship with the srategic review of inshore fisheries, identifying funding mechanisms, and facilitating a workshop. For the Moray Firth Partnership 2006.

UN-GESAMP Working Group on Environmental effects of aquaculture. John Hambrey chaired this UN working group between 1998 and 2002, and oversaw the production of a major global guidance document on planning and management for sustainable aquaculture development. This involved drawing on the skills and knowledge of 10 eminent scientists drawn from throughout the world to agree on problems, solutions, approaches and guidance needs, coordinating and managing writing of the guidelines, and final edit.

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